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Massage Room

Treat yourself to a luxurious massage experience.

Relax massage full body

The massage is slow and rhythmic, relaxing the muscles and tissues, creating a soothing effect.
Price: 60 mins - 60 euro.

Facial & Cervival massage

Applied only to head, neck and shoulders. This massage  is relaxing and targets all the places where tension is held.

Price: 60 mins - 60 euro.

Sport massage

This massage is recommended before and after physical activity  when treatment needs to be fast and local.
Price: 55 mins - 60 euro.

Relax massage full body & heating stones

Full body massage  & heating stones.
 Price: 90 mins - 75 euro

Reflexology massage

Gentle pressure to establish a healthy flow of energy within the body and boost the body's natural healing system.

Price  55 mins - 60 euro.

Special massage free style full body

Price: 120 mins - 130 euro.

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